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Full and Associate professors

Lin, Chin-Mei(and Head)   Lin,Ching-Hui  Hsieh, Wei-Her  Huang, Ming-Yuan  Gao, Min-Zhi  Huang, Yu-Tien  Pei-Chen, Hsiao

Adjunct Faculty

Lin,Jia-Hong Jiang,Mao-Shun Wu,Bang-Chang Jia,Ruo-Chen Xu,Yu-Wen  Lin,Yu-Jing Yang,Yi-Chang Pan,Li-Zhen  Zhang Mu-Wan  Xue Qiu-Xiong  Hou Shao-Hong  Yang,Ke-Yu  Liao,Jian-Shun  Lin,Jing-Yi   Huang Yuru  

Adjunct teachers

Liu,Yu-Dong Amy Chen Chen,Qi-Chuan Cheng,Kin-Wah Xu,Hong-Wen

Industry teacher

Jiang,Mao-Shun Wu,Bang-Chang Jiang,Wen-Ci


Full-time teachers

  • 1989-2002

  • Ph.D in Home Economics School of Clothing Studies, Bunka Woman University, Japan.

  • Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Fashion Design of Asia University.

  • Director and Chair in Fashion Design Department of the University of Ling Tung Science and Technology.

  • Associate Professor in Fashion Design Department of the University of Ling Tung Science and Technology.

  • Textile and clothing design, Costume design, Color science, Beauty, Hairdressing, Overall design, Clothing psychology, Sociology clothing, Apparel merchandising, Cultural and creative product design, Fashion boutique design

Adjunct Faculty

  • Taipei City Government, the Office of the Vocational Training Centre being the trainer

  • Australia international vocational skills competition SPD international referee apparel categories

  • National Women's Council of Labor Affairs Central Office category referee

  • CLA VTC Men / Women category instructor

  • Council of Labor Affairs, Vocational Training Council National Skills test questions apparel categories proposition members

  • Assistant professor, Department of Fashion Design Shih Chien University

  • National Careers Service Technical Instructor Taipei City Government

  • MAE fashion garment making division

  • China Society for the Study Consultant clothing

  • ROC suit Traders Association adviser




Hair styling, makeup hair, body painting

  • Science and Technology Co., Ltd.,Director

  • Europe and Europe Mi-ni designer clothing company

  • Qini Clothing Co. Associate

  • Korea children clothing line manager

  • Secretary-General of Taiwan's footwear products MIT Development Association (National Council)

  • Members Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection

  • Council of Labor Affairs committee VTC

  • National United University lecturer level

  • professional and technical personnel

Adjunct teachers

Adjunct teachers


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