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Cross-field program

Year 2013- Creative and Design College participating in university cross-field program

Entrepreneur program

(Direct by: Industrial Operation/Management, Creative Design, Information College)

Cloud culture and creative program

(Direct by: Information College/Information, Creative and Design College)

Art industrial management and administration program

(Direct by: Management College/Management, Creative and Design College)

Child potential development and creative and design program

(Direct by: Humanity and Social College/Humanity, Creative and Design College)

International design professional program

(Direct by: Creative and Design College/Cross department)

Year 2013- University cross-field program

Health care and bio-technology program

(Direct by: Health College/Cross department)

Cloud computing program

(Direct by: Information College/Cross department)

Integrate platform and application integration program

(Direct by: Information College/Cross department)

Tour guide certificate program

(Direct by: Management College/Management, Humanity College)

Specially recommended to students in Creative and Design College! A role of design professional background and social educator!


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